Welcome to Rancho Salads!

I live in, and have eaten my way through, Roseville but I work in Rancho Cordova.  It’s time to explore here (and eat a little healthier than I’m used to).  The new mission: A new weekday, a new salad at a new spot in Rancho Cordova.  I’ll go everywhere that serves one.  There are around 80 places to visit so I should be at this for 4 months or so.

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Below – Rancho Cordova

(Click the map to go to Google Maps for an interactive version)

  • Red Pins: Places I have confirmed that serve salads.
  • Yellow Pin: A big Asian food court, I’ll investigate that for the first time and break it out into separate pins as I visit the individual stalls.
  • Gray Pins: Internet research was only enough to know these places exist.  I was not able to find a menu to verify if they have salads, so I’ll be going in blind and with a nearby backup plan in mind in case they don’t have one.

Rancho Salads Map

Note: I will be going to fast food places (because I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a salad at one), but only one of each.  For example I won’t be visiting every McDonalds (of which there’s at least 3 that I know of).

Also, I decided to include Gold River since it’s all of one shopping center and there’s some really good stuff there.


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