#2: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Day 2’s random selection brought me to Chipotle.  I come here now and then but I’ve never had a salad.  Recently I had decided to stop eating here because whatever is in the food just knocks me out for the rest of the day, it’s pretty bad.  Always I’d get a burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, carnitas, mild, hot & corn salsas, cheese, guacamole & sour cream.  It’s a heavy bowl and keeps me full (not just content, but actually full) for a stupid long amount of time, upwards of 6-7 hours.  Today I’d go with something very different and see how it would treat me.

I arrived a little after 11 and they were busier than I expected.  Usually if I get there before 11:30 it’s pretty quiet, and after that it gets nuts for a couple hours.  I waited in line for a few minutes and started my way down the line, getting the salad with brown rice and black beans.  For my meat I actually went with a mix of steak and sofritas (organic, shredded tofu, braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices).  When they first introduced this I watched a customer get this mix and I asked him what the sofritas was.  He explained and said that he liked the flavor but that he did the mix because the texture wasn’t quite enough on it’s own.  Continuing I skipped the normal salsas and just got corn.  To top it off – just a little bit of cheese.  They covered it up and bagged it like a to go order (though they did not ask me), so it looks a bit flat in the photos.  [total: $8.03 after tax]

Coming with the salad is a chipotle-honey vinaigrette.  A sniff of it at first before I poured the reddish-orange dressing on was heavy on the vinegar side.  I’m usually not crazy about this type of dressing but threw the whole thing on anyway.  It actually didn’t taste anything like it smelled.  Instead it was much sweeter with just a tiny zing to it.  Overall the salad was really, really good.  The sofritas/steak combo was a good one.  The sofritas definitely did have an excellent smoky and rich flavor to add to the steak.  I scraped the last little bits out of the bowl eagerly.  A half hour later and I’m not feeling the usual snooze-fest that would accompany a recent trip to Chipotle.  So far so good.  This might actually make me reconsider my self-imposed ban on Chipotle.

Website: https://www.chipotle.com


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