#3: Pizza Guys

For today: Pizza Guys.  I was not even aware of this location previously.  I doubt I’ve ever driven down this section of Zinfandel, let alone Vehicle Drive.  Pizza Guys sits at the intersection in a mini-strip with three other businesses.  Just based on Google’s Street View it looked like I would be eating in my car.  It’s a very small little store front.  Indeed, this is a take-out and delivery type place only.

I arrived just after 11 as one of the two employees was heading out on a smoke break.  Inside I was greeted by the other worker who seemed indifferent at first but ended up being quite pleasant, and eventually opening the door for me when I was on my way out with food in hand.  I had looked over the menu online in advance but was disappointed to see that the Chicken Bacon Ranch was not on the menu in-store.  Neither was the Buffalo Chicken, both would have been top choices for me.  Instead all they had was the Garden, Antipasto, Crispy Chicken and Mediterranean.  I went with the Crispy Chicken (iceberg lettuce, red onions, Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, crispy chicken tenders, fresh roma tomatoes, seasoned croutons & dressing) [$5.99].  I forgot to bring my water bottle with me so I got a 20oz Dr. Pepper [$1.79] since they didn’t seem to have water.

I was told it would be 5 minutes and he headed into the back to get my chicken into the oven.  Since he was pretty much running the whole show, including answering the phones which were ringing quite a bit, it was more like 9 minutes.  Finally I had my salad and soda and headed out to find a shady spot to park in and eat.  The salad was in a plastic container, but he used cling-wrap to attach napkins, a fork and a couple packets of bleu cheese dressing.  I thought it was pretty creative way to package it all up.

Inside, the salad was made up of a large amount of crisp lettuce, some red onions, bell peppers, a small handful of olives, a few slices of tomato and a sprinkling of cheese.  So not exactly what the menu said.  The chicken was actually in good amount and was nice, hot and crisp.  The breading had a peppery flavor to it.  Overall this salad was OK.  The chicken was very good, but without it it was mostly a pile of iceberg lettuce.  That said, not a bad deal for $6.

Website: https://www.pizzaguys.com


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