#4: Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse

Well, today was much fancier than expected.  From Pizza Guys yesterday to Rudy’s Hideaway today is quite the change of scenery.  Rudy’s is located right on Folsom Blvd very near the Hazel intersection.  I’ve been here only 2 or three times and it’s been many years since my last visit.  Usually this was for a special occasion like a birthday or Fathers Day.  Today, just to have lunch.  But I can’t go here and just get a garden salad, no sir.  Luckily they have more than just that.

I arrived at around 11:15 and surprised the hostess, who was in the entryway cleaning the window on the interior door, when I opened up the outside door.  She held the door for me then disappeared in the back as I waited by the host’s counter.  A moment more and she returned and got me seated.  Later she mentioned that she thought I was a vendor at first because she thought my camera was a scanner or something when I came in.

I feel like they’ve done major remodeling since I was last here, I don’t remember it being quite as nicely designed and decorated.  The tables with sand and trinkets under the surface was neat.  My server, same as the hostess, got my drink and mentioned a couple specials.  I clarified that they had the salad I was looking for, and it turned out the name was slightly different than is was on the website.  Instead of being the Lobster Louie it was called the Seafood Louie (lobster, crab, shrimp and prawns served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, egg, cucumber and black olives) [$19.45].  I ordered that while I enjoyed the couple pieces of warm sourdough bread that she brought with my Coke.  The Coke, by the way, was not great.  It was very weak.

My salad took just under 15 minutes.  It was a nice presentation with each ingredient grouped and spread out on display.  Everything was there, though there was only a single prawn.  The lobster was a small amount compared to the crab and shrimp, both of which were in good supply.  The thousand island dressing was thick and quite rich.  I only needed a little bit of that, and I didn’t want to overwhelm the flavor of the seafood anyway.  Everything was good here.  There were only a few olives but they were huge.  The tomatoes were nice, ripe and juicy.  Even though it looked like there was a good amount of crab and shrimp, I must have rationed it subconsciously because towards the end I had a lot left and the majority of each bite was nothing but seafood.  Nice way to end a pretty damn good salad.  Now, was it worth $20?  eh….  I think they could have thrown another prawn or two in there and a smidge more lobster for that price.

So far, with the bread helping out, this was the most filling salad I’ve had on this mission by far.

Website: http://www.rudyshideaway.com/


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