#7: The Old Spaghetti Factory

I actually tried to go here yesterday but didn’t realize they open at 11:30, so I quickly picked the nearby Fire Rock Grill as an alternate.  Today I returned at the correct time.  This is a weird location.  It is in the Nimbus Winery building that I’ve seen a million times from Hazel @ Folsom.  There’s a lot that I thought wrong about this building.  For one, I thought there was actually a winery here (maybe there was originally?).  I also thought the side facing Hazel was the front.  Turns out there is no front.  I parked on the Hazel side when I arrived, then found myself walking around to the other side because I didn’t see an obvious entrance for Old Spaghetti Factory.  Over there I still didn’t see an obvious dedicated entrance.  Finally I went up to the only really clear public doors and found that all the businesses are accessible from an interior walkway, kind of like a tiny mall.

Today they were absolutely slammed.  There was a line out the door of about 30+ people waiting to be seated.  About half of that was one big group.  The staff seemed overwhelmed.  It took about 10 minutes for me to be seated.  On top of the odd early rush, they were renovating what looked like a huge portion of the main dining room, so we were seated all scattered in the side areas and in the bar.  I had a window seat looking out into a side walkway of the interior space with a fairly harsh skylight beaming down at me, whereas the rest of OSF was quite dark.  After a few minutes my server came by.  I took the opportunity to order my lunch as well as my drink since the were obviously busy and I already lost of chunk of time just getting seated.

I picked the BLT Salad (chopped hearts of Romain tossed with blue cheese dressing, croutons & crisp bacon, served with diced Roma tomatoes, avocados and blue cheese crumbles) [$6.25] and a Dr Pepper [$2.99].  She disappeared and another server dropped off the soda and some fresh bread about a minute later.  The bread is total overkill for one person, but it was good.  Had it been any warmer I might not have been able to touch it for too long.  I only indulged in a couple slices.

The salad arrived about 7 minutes after the bread.  The first thing I noticed was the massive blue cheese crumbles.  They should really just call them nuggets at this point.  And don’t get me wrong, I love blue cheese, but this was kind of ridiculous.  I had to cut them into several smaller pieces, or it would have been kind of gross and overkill.  The tomatoes were diced smaller than I’ve ever seen before.  The bacon was plentiful and tasty.  Other than these points it was a fairly average salad.  The blue cheese was very strong, it was in most bites and it really dominated the taste overall.  I would have expected more tomato and less blue cheese in this BLT salad.

Website: http://www.osf.com/


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