#12: Chevys

It feels like I only come to Chevys when a coworker is leaving the company.  I’m pretty sure that was the occasion last time I was at this Chevys, which was just over a year ago.  This is located in a little shopping center just south of Gold River Town Center.  There’s not much to say about Chevys.  They’re all pretty much the same and I’ve never met someone that hasn’t been to one.

I arrived at about 11:10 and was seated immediately.  I partly wanted to sit outside because it was really nice and the patio is big and wraps around the front, but I was taken to a table inside without being asked and I figured it would let me get my photo of the dining room.  It was quite chilly inside.  My server took a few minutes to come by.  I asked for a water, which she brought out quickly, while another employee brought chips and salsa.  I ordered at this point, but started with a simple question: “Tostada or Sizzling Fajita salad?”  Without any hesitation she answered “Fajita.”  I nodded in approval and said I’d go with the carnitas.  The Sizzling Fajita Salad is Mesquite-grilled chicken or carnitas fajitas, chilled romaine, San Antonio veggies, cotija & jack cheese, pepita seeds, fresh Haas avocado, pico de gallo and tortilla strips drizzled with our apple-chipotle vinaigrette. Vegetarian option available. Also available with steak or shrimp [Lunch price is $7.99]

I had about 13 minutes to snack on the chips and salsa before this was brought out.  The chips here are good when they are hot, but most of the time I seem to get the room temp ones.  My salad was pretty good sized, especially considering it was the lunch version.  The dinner price is $11.99, I’m not sure if it’s any different however.  The bowl was very cold, which helped keep the salad nice and cool.  The carnitas, on the other hand, was hot and steaming slightly.  I took a little bite of this first and it practically melted in my mouth.  I don’t know what they marinate it in all day but it’s good stuff, packed with flavor.  The salad aside form this was decent.  The Romain looked a little sad in some spots, whether it was not rinsed well or just not as fresh as usual, it just wasn’t as appealing as it should be.  Aside from appearance it was fine.  The salad was flat out missing the avocado.  It was loaded with the little tortilla strips though, which added lots of crunch to every bite.

Overall, meh.  It’s a Chevys, what can you expect.

The next couple days are going to be a bit up in the air as I’ve got some meetings right around lunch time.  Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a Rancho Salad or two but if not I’ll be back on Monday!

Website: http://chevys.com/


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