#22: Mints Euro-Asian Cuisine

Month 2; Week 1 is complete.  I’m a week further along than I realized!  This is going quick.  To finish this week off I went to Mints Euro-Asian Cuisine.  They’ve been around for a long time, 1998 according to their website.  I think I may have see it once while driving by but I’ve never thought to check it out.  What exactly is Euro-Asian cuisine?  They serve Vietnamese / Asian food for the most part, so it’s a little bit of everything Asian I guess, leaning Vietnamese.

I arrived at 11am sharp and was the first customer.  Inside was much larger than I expected.  Once I looked past the many plants in the entryway I saw that the dining space was large, and there was another largish dining room around a corner.  It’s very open feeling and bright from the windows.  They have what could be a very nice and shady patio but they don’t seem to use it at all.  Instead the gate outside was padlocked and there were just some potted plants here and there.  Each table had a nice little decorative floating live plant/flower thing.

I was greeted immediately and sat near the window, then quickly brought a little complimentary appetizer of fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce.  I took a quick glance at drinks and, when I saw they didn’t have Dr Pepper, I ordered a Thai Tea [$2.75].  The wontons were good and crisp. The sweet and sour sauce was very light in color, it was a lightish-orange instead of the typical bright red. and even appeared nearly yellow when you dipped a wonton and pulled it out.  It had the same flavor for the most part, but much less intense and with perhaps a little citrus to it.  My Thai tea arrived within just a minute or two.  It was fairly heavy on cream.  I think that contributed to it’s overall mild flavor.  I definitely prefer stronger tea.

I ordered the Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Salad (grilled chicken breast over bed of organic greens tossed with house vinaigrette) [$9.25].  This arrived in about 8 minutes and came with a little serrated knife to cut the chicken pieces up a little smaller.  On top of the chicken they had sprinkled what appeared to be ground peanuts or some other kind of nut.  Also there were some little flakey things that I could not come close to identifying, but they added a nice little crunch.  The chicken was decent, could have been a little more moist.  Honestly the greens were the star here.  Once I pushed some of the chicken aside I revealed a dance pile of very fresh and tasty spinach, lettuce and other things.  The vinaigrette dressing was nice and strong.  It almost tasted like it was spicy, yet no heat ever built up, which I thought was interesting.  Overall this was a satisfactory lunch.  The service was very good, friendly and attentive.

Website: http://www.mintsasia.com/


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