#23: Straw Hat Pizza

Today was Straw Hat Pizza, and with it the last of the pizza buffets (as far as I can see, I have no idea what Royal Fresh Pizza is about yet).  I’ve only been to Straw Hat once or twice total, also for the buffet.  They are located on Mather Field Rd, just south of Folsom.  I was joined by a coworker on this one.  We arrived just before 11:30.

Straw Hat resembles Round Table Pizza in many ways.  The experience is extremely similar, both in service and food.  The decor, while different, still has the same vibe as RTP and I think a big part of that is lack of windows which gives it a darker atmosphere (despite it actually being fairly well lit, if that makes sense…).  We paid at the counter [$8.95 after tax with a soda] and were given 2 plates, a fork and a cup.  The salad bar was in good shape overall.  Everything was full, looking fresh, and it was neat and clean.  While they have a good variety of items, I just wasn’t digging most of them, and so I ended up with a pretty boring little salad of iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, olives, cheese, sunflower seeds and Ranch.  I actually thought I was getting blue cheese because the ranch wasn’t labeled.  I’m a blue cheese guy through and through.  It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had ranch on a salad and it was kinda weird because I had completely forgotten what it tasted like, but it was good.  The salad was fine, no complaints other than lack of more things I would like (spinach and cherry tomatoes to name a couple).  My coworker’s salad was much more impressive as she went for a little bit of everything.

The pizza is what I decided to fill up on (even though my focus is supposed to be salads).  I find their quality to be right in line with RTP, and that is to say it’s very good.  The sauce is the main differentiator.  Straw Hat’s red sauce is much sweeter than RTP’s spicier sauce.  They had a good variety to pick from, especially considering there were only a handful of customers total.  All in all, pretty decent lunch.

Website: http://www.strawhatpizza.com


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