#25 Hooters

You wanna know a easy way to feel like a giant creep?  Walking into a Hooters, by yourself, with a big DSLR camera.  Yikes.  Lets get on with it then, shall we?  Hooters is located on Olsen Dr just East of Zinfandel.  They open at 11:30, and I ended up heading in at around 11:40.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here, and now they apparently seat you rather than telling you to sit wherever.  I always wonder what prompts a change like that.  There were a couple of guys being taken to their table as I walked through the door.  The server that took them said she’d be right with me, but instead apparently started taking their order and did not return.

Eventually the manager/supervisor saw me from the back and came up to get me seated.  She took my drink order, a Dr Pepper [$2.99], before I had even sat down. She returned with this very quickly and asked if I was ready to order, which I was.  They actually have a few pretty decent looking salads.  I am a big fan of their wings so I gravitated to the Buffalo Chicken Salad (or the Buff Chick Salad as the menu abbreviates) (a field of spring mixed greens, piled high with breaded chicken tossed in your favorite wing sauce served with ranch dressing, diced tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, onions and cilantro)[$9.99].  I asked to leave out the cilantro.  She asked me what sauce I wanted the chicken in and what dressing (apparently it’s not always ranch as the menu states).  I went with the standard hot sauce and opted for bleu cheese dressing.

My salad took about 11 minutes to be prepped and delivered.  It was indeed piled high with chicken.  I was surprised at the amount you get.  I think it’s somewhat close to the same amount of chicken you get when you order the 10pc wings, but with salad in addition.  the greens were all nice and fresh and the onions big and crisp.  I had to slice those up before I got started.  Hidden deeper in the salad were the bleu cheese crumbles.  Some of them were quite large.  I saved those for bites with chicken.  On that note, the chicken was great.  It was the flavor I love, spicy hot sauce drenched each piece and eventually gave the whole salad a thin coating.  I like this sauce because it’s extremely flavorful and also fairly hot with consecutive bites, and it’s not too vinegar-y.  At some places you either sacrifice flavor or heat for the other, but this is a perfect balance.  The bleu cheese dressing helped keep things cooled down a bit.  I really enjoyed this salad.  Once the sauce had coated everything it tasted like I was just eating wings, and it was a lot less messy.  The service was so/so.  After I was done eating, and someone cleared my plate, I sat for a solid 5 minutes before I got my check.  That, along with the wait to be seated initially, added a non-trivial chunk of time to the visit.

Website: https://www.hooters.com/


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