#34: Wendy’s

Today I was sent to Wendy’s by my random selection.  This location, on Sunrise at Trade Center Dr., recently closed for major remodeling and has just reopened just within the last few weeks.  Today must have been some sort of grand re-opening event because they had a radio station set up in the parking lot along with Wendy and Frosty characters waving to traffic on the corner.  Inside there were some Wendy’s business-y types going through stacks of paperwork at a table near me and seemed to be overseeing everything.

The change from what this place used to be is dramatic.  They didn’t knock the building down and start from scratch, but it you hadn’t seen them working on the building then you might think that’s what they did.  It’s really nice and modern, both inside and out.  Inside they have the new fancy all-in-one Coke machines and one corner looks a bit lounge-y with one of those fake fireplace things in the wall.  One thing was left unchanged, however, and it drove me up the wall as I passed the construction site each day and saw it remain untouched as they progressed.  The menu board for the drive through is still the old crusty one from before.  It looks like it’s from the late 70s and is ridiculously out of place next to the newly remodeled building.

Anyway, I headed in at about 11AM.  They were in crazy-overdrive customer service mode with the event, so the service was excellent and friendly.  I ordered the full sized BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad (“Taste big flavor that truly stands alone with fire-roasted corn, Applewood Smoked Bacon, warm grilled chicken, diced tomatoes and Marzetti® Simply Dressed® BBQ Ranch Dressing”)[$6.59] and added a small soda [$1.59].  This was ready within a couple minutes and my name was called up front.  The dressing was served on the side in packets, but it looked like there was just normal BBQ sauce as well drizzled on top of the salad.  I opened one packet and gave it a whiff.  Smelled pretty much like BBQ sauce.  I poured most of one packet on.  It was a lighter color than the sauce already on the salad.  I’m guessing it’s just ranch mixed with BBQ sauce.  The whole thing was pretty good overall, with the flavor leaning heavily in the direction of sweet BBQ rather than ranch.  Definitely the best fast food salad I’ve had so far.  The chicken was warm and tender and the lettuce was cool, crisp and fresh.  The bacon was so-so, probably cooked a while ago and sitting under a warmer, flavor was fine though.  Hard to expect much from fast food when it comes to bacon.

While the salad was enjoyable for the most part, I really liked experiencing the new building even more.  Definitely will eat-in rather than hit the drive through in the future.  Something to note is that they have WiFi here (not sure if they did before…), however it is unusably slow.  Check out the speed I got vs AT&T’s LTE.

Website: https://www.wendys.com/


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