#35: Ichi Maki

Today I headed over to Ichi Maki, a sushi joint right next to Fire Rock Grill on Folsom (just East of Sunrise).  I’ve only been here once before and I recall it being fairly average.  It looks quite shabby from the outside and barely even registers as an actual running business as you drive by.  Inside however, it’s a pretty normal sushi place, though the layout is a little weird.  Just inside the doors you find yourself standing in a large space.  Just ahead and to the left is the sushi bar, which kind of wraps around and out of sight.  To the right there isn’t much, some unused aquarium/lobster type tanks and misc displays.  Further back you see a handful of small tables.  Once your eyes adjust from the bright sunlight, however, you start to notice it goes back much further, and there is a very normal dining room with lots of tables back there.

I was greeted from the far back when I walked in, although it took the server a few moments to finish whatever she was in the middle of to come around and take me to a table.  Soon, however, I was seated.  It was a bit after 11 and the place was quiet.  There were just two other tables seated.  My server returned soon with my Mr Pibb [$2.00] and a complimentary miso soup.  I was all ready to order since I had looked at a menu online (which was a bit of a search since they don’t have a website, however I have scanned and posted a link to one of their paper menus below).  I went with the Seared Tuna Salad [$11.00] and also an order of Edamame (lightly salted boiled soy beans)[$4.00].

My miso soup was delicious and very hot.  I had to take my time and blow on it a bit to help cool it down, but it was quite tasty.  The edamame took about 7 minutes to arrive and came in a big bowl.  They must have been recently boiled because they were very hot, enough that I had to also be careful not to burn my mouth on the even hotter beans inside the pods.  There were a ton of them in the bowl.  This is easily the largest serving I’ve ever seen.  They were kind of boring though, they definitely needed more salt.  I also definitely prefer (especially on a hot day like today) chilled edamame over warm, unless I’m getting a garlic version.

The salad arrived just 5 minutes or so behind the edamame.  I took a break from that and set it aside to cool some more while I focused on the salad.  In typical sushi restaurant fashion the salad was beautifully put together, showing off the gorgeous, thick slices of tuna with a thin sear.  They were fully cold, so I’m not sure if they are seared to order or not.  Either way they were great and tasted fresh and delicious.  These pieces circled a pile of crunchy orange bits that I was unable to identify.  They didn’t have much flavor, or what flavor they had was completely overshadowed by the dressing.  Scattered about were some nicely sliced up cucumbers, carrots and red cabbage.  Underneath the top layer I found mostly iceberg, but with a small amount of mixed greens as well.  I also discovered an insane amount of dressing.  There were literal globs of the sweet tasting and creamy dressing, and it was absolutely overkill.  While I love it, even I was pretty sick of it towards the end and I suspect most people would give up on it before that.  Luckily I had some boring edamame to finish off and dilute the sweetness that lingered.


This salad could have been great, but the dressing portions killed it.  The service was good though and I am inclined to return for rolls and other sushi in the future.

Website: NONE

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here


One thought on “#35: Ichi Maki

  1. I hate it when they add too much dressing to a salad — thanks for your detailed review. I doubt I try this place but some of the places you reviewed in the last few weeks are on my list

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