#38: Cafe Dolcè

Today I headed deep into business park territory, far from the usual shopping centers where my destinations most often reside.  Cafe Dolcè is located in the corner of a good sized complex on Gold Camp Dr.  Being Friday and having never been here before I made sure to come no later than 11, and that’s exactly when I arrived.  It looked very quiet, but they were open.

Outside they have a few little tables with umbrellas set up.  Judging from the pipes coming out of the ground it looks like they used to have a lot more.  Inside I was surprised at how big the place was.  Much like the nearby (and also office park located) Vice Cafe, the place is much roomier than you’d expect from the little sign and some tables in front.  There was a lot of seating, and there was a lot of empty space between the main dining area and the ordering counter and kitchen area.  It seemed clean and was nice and bright with windows all the way around.

I had to step up close to the register to get a good look at the many salads they offered as the description lettering was a touch on the small side.  You can see the menu online by going to their online ordering section, but I just scanned one of the paper menus and linked it down below.  The cashier, who I would probably bet on being the owner, recommended the lasagna which was one of a few specials for the day.  I told him I was looking for a salad today, and after a moment he then pointed to the Chicken Salad Oriental (marinated breast of chicken, snow peas, water chestnuts, crispy noodles and greens with soy ginger dressing)[$6.95].  Sounded pretty good so I got that and added a soda for $1.69.

I filled my soda up at the fountain machine, where nearby are some coolers built into the wall that hold various bottled beverages.  It was no time at all, maybe 2 minutes before my salad was ready up at the front counter.  I retrieved it and headed out to the patio.  It was ridiculously nice out there.  The weather was perfect.  The best part was the silence.  Being so far from any major roads (and even less major roads like Kilgore), there was only the occasional car moving through the parking lot and the sound of the firefighting planes coming in and out of Mather.  This alone will probably be brining me back already.

My salad was nicely presented with each ingredient grouped and on display.  The soy ginger dressing was served on the side and was a somewhat thicker, viscous consistency.  The salad, in addition to the official description, came with a small pile of sliced almonds.  I poured most of the dressing over it all and dug in.  Everything was fresh and crisp, produce-wise.  It was all cold, including the chicken which was tender and juicy.  The dressing was not overly sweet, though it was leaning in the direction.  This came with a little dinner roll.  With the little pad of butter it came with, this soft bread was a nice finish to lunch.

The salad was quite good and satisfying, but the location is absolutely killer for when you want to get out of the office and relax in some peace and quiet on your break.  I envy those that work within walking distance.

Website: http://www.cafedolce34.com/

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here


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