#39: Arby’s

I’m at the halfway point!  Today a place that I’ve been a little curious about came up in the random selection.  Sunrise Cafe, which is located way south down Sunrise at Mechanical.  I found very little info about this place aside from a handful of Yelp reviews and no pictures.  I headed down at about 11 to check it out.  Once I got in there though, it was fairly clear they would not have a salad.  It was almost more like a bar, but with a bowling alley-like kitchen and classic Pepsi menu board.  They mostly have burgers and fried things, as well as breakfast.  I jumped in my car and headed back north, ending up at Arbys (“Arby’s: Why not challenge your stomach to a fight?”).

Now with Wendy’s big remodel, Arby’s is one of the more aged fast food joints in Rancho (except perhaps for Burger King – *shudders*).  The building doesn’t look too bad from the outside, but inside it’s a bit retro.  Worse is the layout of the dining room.  There were maybe 4 people seated total when I went to find my own table, but due to how everything was positioned I had to walk all the way around the opposite side of the room to get past a woman who’s chair stuck out slightly, and to top it off it’s just a weird maze-like path with lots of bizarrely shaped tables along the way.

Anyway, as far as I was aware (based on their website and the menu right there in the store), they only had one salad (and a little side salad, but I don’t really count those), the Crispy Chicken Farmhouse Salad (crispy chicken, pepper bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes and mixed lettuce greens)[$5.39].  Now that I’m looking at my photo of the front of the building though, they apparently also have a Pecan Chicken Salad…  This is one more reason I have really started to get annoyed with fast food in recent years.  Their menus don’t even show everything anymore, it’s just the highlights, arrogantly assuming everyone already knows what they have for the most part (which might be true, but I still want to see all the options).

Anyway, I ordered that up and waited about 6 minutes.  Most of the wait was them frying the chicken.  The cashier called it back when I ordered, like it’s not something they do that often and she needed to give them a heads up.  A voice came back from the kitchen, almost in surprise saying “oh, OK.”  Just before it was ready I heard that same voice call out to the person up front that the chicken was up.

This reminded me a lot of my 3rd stop on this mission, Pizza Guys.  It was a pretty simple salad with similar ingredients and fresh, hot and crispy chicken.  The photos show what looks to be a generous amount of cheese, but that was a deceivingly thin layer.  All this said it was a generally pleasing, if basic, salad.  I didn’t expect much from Arby’s, and that was a good thing.

Website: http://arbys.com


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