#40: Famous Burger

Today I returned to this center at White Rock & Zinfandel.  Feels like I’ve come here a lot recently.  This time was for Famous Burger.  I vaguely recall coming here when they first opened.  I only remember that I think I enjoyed the fries, the burger is totally gone, which to me means it probably wasn’t anything special.  I arrived at about 10:50AM and was the first customer, though several more followed not long after.

Inside it is a pretty big place, lots of seating and the place feels nice and clean.  I had quickly skimmed their salads online before heading over.  They have a lot more than I would expect, 10 in fact, for a place with “burger” in the name.  I settled on the Cobb salad (Romaine, spring mix, chicken breast, avocado, blue cheese, tomato, egg and *vinaigrette)[$8.49].  I’m not sure what that asterisk is about on the vinaigrette, there is no explanation for it.  Anyway, as I am standing up at the counter, just having been greeted by the casheir, I am having trouble seeing the Cobb on the menu and end up asking if they have it.  She says yes and rings it up.  One other thing I wanted to try out were the blue cheese fries[$2.65].  I’m always game for blue cheese fries, with the hopes of someday finding another version that are even remotely as good as Jack’s Urban Eat’s Urban Fries.  I also could not find those on the menu, but they did have them.  I added a soda for $1.90, paid and headed to a table with one of the more fancier pagers I’ve seen.  They seem to have a programmable number and show it on a little LED display.  The whole white border pulsed red as it waited for activation.

The wait was about 10 minutes or so.  I didn’t get to see the pager go off because my food was brought out to me instead.  Right away I was impressed by the amount of chicken that was on the salad.  The fries were pretty basic, a bit of blue cheese crumbles with a little blue cheese sauce.  I dug into those first while they were nice and hot.  They were really crisp and excellent (I guess those are still good here!).  Not Urban Fries level, but they were very enjoyable with the blue cheese sauce and strong-flavored crumbles.

The salad came with a dark vinaigrette dressing.  It was fairly potent and I only used about half of it.  All the greens were very fresh and crisp.  The tomatoes could have been slightly riper.  Lots of avocado and eggs and an OK amount of blue cheese.  Chicken was nice and hot when it first arrived but quickly cooled off.  It was lightly seasoned and decently moist.  Overall I enjoyed this meal and I would have it again, despite a couple little areas of possible improvement.  I actually kind of want to come back and try a burger again to see if they’re any good.  I’ve got about 6 weeks left of salads to complete though, so that will have to wait for now.

Website: http://www.famousburgerrancho.com/


One thought on “#40: Famous Burger

  1. I had the burger there and don’t feel the need to go back for it. The salad looks really good but you know what? You’ve now got me craving Jack’s Urban Eats fries. Oh Yum!


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