#41: Jack’s Urban Eats

Speak of the devil, I mentioned Jack’s Urban Fries in yesterdays post and up it pops in todays random selection!  So I’m back to Gold River in the Bel Air shopping center.  Jack’s has been a favorite of mine for quite a while.  They open inexplicably at 11:30 instead of the more common 11, so I and a coworker arrived right about at that time.  I swear they open the doors early some days.  Today there were already people with drinks sitting at the patio and a couple inside as well.  Luckily though, we beat the rush (which is hard to do here, even showing up at 11:30 sharp is too late on some days).  Not 10 minutes after we showed up there was a massive line winding all around the dining room.  Absolutely nuts.  Jack’s is great, but I would not wait in that line.

Jack’s is known for their trip-tip sandwiches and salads mostly.  What I know them for are their Urban Fries (Spicy chili oil, blue cheese, and chili flakes)[$3.50].  I usually tell people that I come for the Urban Fries and stay for the rest of lunch while I’m at it.  Today I ordered my usual Buffalo Chicken Salad (Crisp-fried spicy chicken, romaine, apples, maple-glazed walnuts, carrots, celery, and blue cheese dressing)[$9.25].  It’s kind of a pricey salad, but honestly it’s the most consistently fresh, delicious and amazing salad I’ve found anywhere, so I have no problem forking over the dough for it each time.  I skipped the apples because I don’t care for them and this salad already has enough crunch from the walnuts and celery.

It took a couple minutes to work our way down to the register after putting our orders in.  By that time my fries were ready and waiting, so I got to take those to the table and we dug into them right away.  These fries are legendary.  The combo of blue cheese sauce and chili oil sounds so simple, yet I’ve never had a version of this anywhere else that even comes close to how delicious these are.

Just a few minutes past sitting down I had my salad delivered.  They toss it up with the dressing very nicely so every single piece of lettuce has a thin coating.  This particular salad had massive walnuts all throughout it.  There were a ton!  The chicken was steaming like a teapot for a couple minutes, I cut those two big, super crispy pieces up and let them cool down a bit before getting to them.  I could go on, but I think you probably get the point.  This salad was fantastic as were the fries.  Always beat the rush whenever humanly possible.

Website: http://jacksurbaneats.com


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