#49: Amore Cafe & Bakery

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore (Cafe & Bakery).  This little cafe is located in Gold River, in the same building as Chevy’s.  This is a place that, when I first created my list of places to eat, I wondered if they would still be in business when I got to them.  It just feels like a really odd location for something like this, and I didn’t even really know what this was.

I didn’t get out to lunch as early as I like today and arrived instead at around 11:50.  I hoped that due to the type of place it was and location that it wouldn’t be busy, even on a Friday.  I was in luck, there was just one other customer.  I overheard what I think was the staff commending on how unusually slow business was, so I guess this is probably not the norm.  So what is Amore?  Obviously the title tells us something.  They make custom cakes including wedding cakes as part of the bakery side of things.  For the cafe side they have a very typical coffee menu and then they have breakfast which is from 8-12 and lunch from 11 to 4:30.  Lunch consists mostly of sandwiches, but they also had several salads to choose from, and also have gyros and kababs.

I wasn’t sure what kind of salad they would have as the online menu was kind of vague.  Luckily they had a handful of up to date paper menus on a little stand up front near the door so I was able to look at the 4 salads they offered.  They even have a selection of pre-made salads in a display that you can mix and match in an order of 3.  I decided that the Crystal Salad looked the best (baby spinach leaves tossed in light champagne vinaigrette along with sun-dried tomatoes, grilled shrimp and light feta cheese)[$11.95].  I added a soda for $2.25 and took a seat in the colorful cafe.

The staff consistent of mostly one guy working the front counter.  There was someone, who I suspect might be the owner/manager that was mostly in the kitchen but popped out here and there, and there was a 3rd person working in the back I only saw once.  The one working the front was almost overly proper in his customer service, as if he was working a very high end steak house.  That’s not a bad thing, just really strange for the type of place.

My salad was brought out in maybe 10 minutes, probably slightly under that.  It looked great and was loaded with shrimp.  I dug in right away.  I was really curious about the champagne vinaigrette, I’ve never heard of this kind before.  It was really a subtle flavor, but it did have a bit of champagne to it, and, strangely, a little strawberry.  The strawberry was unexpected, but I soon realized why that flavor was there.  There were strawberries instead of tomatoes in this!  How bizarre.  Mistake?  Who knows.  Quickly I decided that strawberries don’t really go with shrimp, so I just ate them all at once.  They were actually good, fresh and delicious strawberries, they just didn’t belong in this salad.  With those out of the way I focused on the rest.  The ship were nice and hot.  Similar to Rubio’s yesterday, I’m sure most of the wait time can be attributed to the protein being cooked.  This salad also had some unadvertised walnuts in it.  These were good and went well with the rich feta and succulent shrimp.

The strawberries were just totally out of left field here.  I enjoyed the rest of the salad but it got off to an odd start.  I would really like to come have breakfast here on a weekend.  I don’t know why but I am very drawn to it in that way rather than lunch.  I’m not sure I’d drive all the way from Roseville for that though unfortunately, and they don’t open early enough to catch them before work.

Website: http://www.cafebakeryamore.com

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here


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