#54: Soho Sushi

Finishing out the week was Soho Sushi, located at Zinfandel & White Rock.  This is the same shopping center where you’ll find Famous Burger, Eat a Pita and Chalupa Mexican Grill (among others I haven’t visited for salads yet).  I’ve only been here for sushi once and found it to be OK, with the service slightly lacking.

Today I arrived a little after they opened at 11.  Being a Friday, I was shocked at how quiet this center was even at this time.  I headed in and was greeted immediately by a server who came from the back as I meandered towards the “Please wait to be seated” sign.  Shortly after this they had a dedicated hostess posted up at the front to seat newcomers.  The place was empty, save for one table of 4, at the time but got somewhat busy before I left.

The server that got me seated took my drink order immediately, a Dr Pepper [$2.25, though it did not appear on my check] and returned with it within a minute.  From there I looked at the menu briefly and waited around 5 minutes for her to return to place my order.  I had already picked out the salad I wanted in advance, so it kind of felt like a little while sitting there doing nothing.

I went with the Sun and Moon’s Special Tataki Salad (Peppered, grilled tuna with deep-fried asparagus and avocado, served with creamy garlic sauce and special sauce)[$13.95] and also a miso soup to get started [$1.50].  My soup arrived within about 4 minutes and was piping hot.  Delivered along with it was a little dish of a viscous sauce in a small little saucer.  I dipped my finger in it to get a little taste.  I believe it must have been the special sauce, because I didn’t really get any garlic from it.  It certainly was creamy though.  My best guess is some sort of sweet mayo-based sauce.

The soup was delicious and I love it when they serve it so hot.  Many places you’re lucky if it’s warm.  My salad took a while longer, showing up just over 10 minutes after the soup.  As always at sushi joints, the presentation was very nice and colorful.  There were four good-sized pieces of asparagus and 6 thin slices of seared tuna.  The avocado was pretty pathetic, just four razor-thin slices that weren’t as ripe as they should have been.

There didn’t seem to be any dressing or sauce on the salad, so I was shorted one of them, probably the creamy garlic.  The asparagus was perfect.  The tempura batter was hot and crisp and the stalk itself had a great snap to it.  Dipped in the special sauce it was extra tasty.  The tuna was pretty good although it could well have been sashimi because I didn’t feel the pepper or sear added anything interesting.  The rest was fine, if a little boring without much dressing/sauce to work with.  It was all quite crisp and cold, so at least it was refreshing.

I was slightly underwhelmed by this.  The best part was the asparagus and the miso soup.  The service seemed more on point this time without being particularly noteworthy.  There are quite a few sushi joints in Rancho (and all over the sac area really), and they really need to be fantastic in order to stand out.  This one, unfortunately, does not hit that mark.

Website: http://sohosushisac.com


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