#59: Adalberto’s

Adalberto’s is a fast Mexican food joint that has locations all over the Sacramento area and beyond.  Even where Adalbert’s isn’t, there are clones.  I have no idea which is the original, but they’re all almost exactly identical in terms of menu, quality, paint jobs on the buildings, etc.  This is one of the better ones, at least for the one item I ever order, the #2: two shredded beef tacos.  They always pack the shells  with beef and cheese where others are a bit skimpy.  Today I finally try something new, the taco salad [$5.50].

I arrived a little after 10:40 and was only one of a few customers.  I went inside because I hate this locations drive through, which has you driving straight at the building, placing your order, then making an abrupt 90º right turn and you’re immediately at the window, but usually you need to adjust in order to get into convenient range.  I just walked in, got take out and took it back to my car, where I then parked behind the mostly empty strip mall for a shady, quiet lunch.  They only took about 3-4 minutes.

I can’t say how disappointed I was with this taco salad.  It was gross.  The only thing that was good was the shell, which was flakey, crunchy and buttery in flavor.  The rest was a disaster.  The guacamole was runny and turning brown.  The beans were extremely runny.  There was’t a whole lot of beef.  What was there was kind of sunk into the beans.  I think there was some sour cream, but it dissolved into the soupy mess that this thing quickly became.  Before I really dug into it I could see some clearish liquid had pooled just above the bean layer.  It was extremely salty.

What a sad salad this was.  I will gladly go back to my shredded beef tacos.

Website: http://adalbertosmexicanrestaurant.com


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