#60: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

To start this week off I was headed to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, located on Sunrise at Coloma.  I’ve only been to one of these fast-BBQ chain locations once, back in 2012 for my blog Eating Through Roseville.  At that time I found the sides to be tasty but was disappointed in my brisket sandwich.  They have a few salads but the only one that sounded interesting to me was the Smokehouse Salad (chopped beef brisket, romaine lettuce, shredded cheddar, fried onion tanglers & ranch dressing)[$8.50].  So I was going to give the brisket another shot weather I liked it or not.

I arrived just after 11AM.  There were a few customers in line and some seated already, despite them having just opened.  This is a huge location compared to the little strip mall spot I visited in Roseville.  This one had the main dining room attached to the kitchen, which is mostly open, save for a fairly high wall which you have to order over, and then a smaller room in the back with some more seating.  The high wall was a little awkward.  I feel bad for short people that come here.  I’m nearly 6 feet and I didn’t feel tall enough to have a conversation over the wall with the guy taking my order.  He called back to have the onion tanglers put in the fryer and they did right away.  He put the rest of my salad together while they were cooking.  As soon as I got to the register they were ready, so i had my food right away.  I paid and headed to the condiments and soda fountain.  The small soda was a bit pricey [$2.00], probably due to the plastic cups.  I do wonder if you can bring that back and get a cheaper refill though.  I skipped the BBQ sauce, not sure if that was a mistake or not, grabbed a fork and headed to that little room in the back.

My salad looked nice.  It was in a wide basket/platter and had a good amount of brisket.  The onion tanglers and cheese were a bit on the light side.  Served on the side were two containers.  The first one I opened was sour cream (I have no idea why).  The 2nd must have been the ranch, although a taste test lead me to believe it was just some sort of buttermilk sauce.  It was nowhere as flavorful as ranch, but it was good, especially on the salad and brisket.  The lettuce was fresh and crisp and the tanglers were insanely delicious.  I could eat an entire plate of those.  The brisket was so much better than my first encounter with it.  That time it was pretty dry and needed BBQ sauce.  This time it practically melted in your mouth and was fantastic.  The buttermilk/ranch mixed in a single bite with both brisket and tanglers was heavenly.  I could totally see myself hitting the drive through for this again in the future.

Website: https://www.dickeys.com/


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