#61: Thai Smile

Today I headed to the last Thai place on my list, Thai Smile.  It is located a couple buildings down from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, facing Coloma near Sunrise.  I headed over right at 11.  Inside it felt a little dingy, but the welcome was very warm and inviting.  Indeed, the service was pretty great from start to finish with a very cheerful staff.

I was seated right away in the fairly big and open dining room.  I was the only customer during my visit other than a guy getting take out right as I arrived.  Once seated I was brought a water and given a few minutes to look at the menu.  They have a small selection of salads, although there were none on this lunch-only menu.  I had briefly looked at them online and pulled them up there on my phone before she came back.  I then asked if I could oder the Green Salad from the regular menu (Fresh green vegetables topped with fried tofu; served with peanut dressing.)[$8.50].  The answer was yes, of course, and I added a Thai Iced Tea to finish off the order [$2.75].

The tea came out within about 5 minutes.  It was tasty, but had a bit too much ice so was kind of small as a result.  The salad was just a minute or so behind it.  It was a good sized plate with mostly iceberg lettuce.  Arranged neatly around it were four slices of cucumber and four of tomato.  The fried tofu looked a lot like croutons, though they wasn’t anywhere near that crunchy.  The whole thing was drowning in translucent brown peanut sauce.  This sauce was warm, but not even close to the temperature of Sala Thai’s sauce.  It was almost as good, flavor-wise, I just wish it had been served on the side.  Every bite was absolutely drenched in it and I was really sick of it towards the end.  It’s a good thing this was the last Thai place on my list because I think this kind of put me off of it for a little while.

Overall this place was kind of blah.  The service was by far the best part, but that’s not enough to bring me back unfortunately.

Website: http://www.thaismileranchocordova.com


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