#62: Denny’s

I can’t remember the last time I went to a Denny’s, and I’ve definitely never been to this one.  Denny’s of Rancho Cordova is located on Sunrise near Zinfandel.  I headed in at 11 and they were fairly busy when I arrived, though it cleared out a bit by the time I left.  Must have been a late breakfast crowd.

The place seemed clean and reasonably modern for a Denny’s (or I guess what I think of as Denny’s).  I was seated right away and the guy that showed me to the table ended up being my server.  He was good the entire time.  It helped that my seat was right near the entrance to the kitchen, so he always got a glimpse of how I was doing as he was in and out.  Offers on refills and check-in visits were timed just right.  He got me a water while I looked over the surprisingly huge menu.  I don’t remember Denny’s having so much of a selection.  I picked out the Prime Rib Cob Salad (Tender prime rib, bacon, fresh avocado, grape tomatoes, Cheddar cheese, hard-boiled egg and potato sticks atop a bed of spring mix. Served with the dressing of your choice. Also available: Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad or Fried Chicken Strips Cobb Salad)[$9.89].  I opted for the fried chicken and added a Dr Pepper [$2.29] to finish the order.

My Dr Pepper arrived within a few minutes and I had my salad in about 7 more.  Everything actually looked really good.  The chicken was piled up neatly in the center and was hot and super crisp.  The avocado looked perfectly ripe and was sliced neatly.  The cherry tomatoes were plump and also ripe.  I drizzled some ranch over the whole thing and dug in.  I would have expected more of a boring iceberg dominated mix (even despite the description), but it was indeed a proper spring mix and it was all lush and fresh.  The chicken was pretty damn good and it’s breading was seasoned nicely, though it was not quite as flavorful as, say, Arbys chicken.  Overall a pretty solid salad from Denny’s.  I was a bit surprised at the price, which seems fairly high considering the mountains of food you can get at Denny’s for very little money.  I suppose the fresh avocado and spring mix doesn’t get a lot of play across the menu though, so economies of scale, right?

Website: https://www.dennys.com/


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