#63: Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop

Today I finally hit the last place in this shopping center at White Rock and Zinfandel.  Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop was this stop, and I had high hopes going in because this is, hands down, the best Mr. Pickles that I have ever been to.

I arrived early, 10:50AM, and the center was mostly deserted.  I headed into the quiet Mr. Pickles and was immediately greeted by the one person behind the counter.  It’s odd to see so few people back there, usually they have an army to churn out tons of sandwiches as they are pretty much always busy for lunch.    Indeed, before I left, that worker was joined by at least 5 more that were just arriving for their shift.

I stepped up and ordered the Marinated Chicken Salad (diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, bacon bits, croutons, diced cheddar, red onion)[$7.99] and added avocado (because they always have great avocado here) [$1.25].  She got to work on it and after a bit I was called up by a guy at the register who said I could pay and they’d bring it out to me.  I grabbed a bottle of Dr Pepper [$1.93] from the cooler, a bag of Fritos [$1.69] and paid up.  I really didn’t need those two but it’s muscle memory for me when I get a sandwich.  As usual I was handed a bagged chocolate chip cookie (which I’m pretty sure they bake in the store) and I headed to a table.

It took about 6 minutes from when I placed my order to the salad being brought to me.  Not too bad considering that (I think) they are dicing many of the ingredients on the fly.  I know they scoop the avocados fresh.  Speaking of that, this basically had a whole avocado in it.  It was everywhere.  Actually, everything was in huge supply.  Tons of croutons, bacon bits and tomatoes.  The cucumbers were perhaps slightly less abundant, but that’s OK because cucumbers are not the reason I wanted this salad.

Mr. Pickles delivered on my expectations and then some.  I fully expected a good ratio of the best ingredients, but I did not anticipate a salad this huge.  I had serious doubts as to whether or not I would finish it up until just a few bites left.  Everything was perfect.  The metric ton of avocado was perfectly soft and ripe, the tomatoes juicy and the croutons nice and crunchy.  The Romain was crisp, fresh and there was plenty of it, but it was probably 50% of the volume at most.  The chicken itself was chilled yet tender and moist and slightly seasoned.  With a bit of ranch drizzled over the whole thing, I enjoyed every single bite.  The only bad mark on this visit was that the cookie looked like it had been baked a little too long.  But I don’t come here for the cookie, it’s just a little bonus.

Website: http://www.mrpickles.com


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