#64: Carl’s Jr.

Well this did not go as planned.  Today I pulled Carl’s Jr. out of the random number generator.  I looked over their salads online and headed over just before 11.  The one I go to is at Sunrise and White Rock.  Actually I’ve kind of been coming here for over 10 years since I went to school not far away back then.  It’s always been a pretty solid location in me experience.  Stuff is generally fresh and my special orders are correct.  I did not anticipate any issues today, but man I was wrong.

So I roll into the very empty restaurant right at about 11.  It takes the cashier a moment to notice me but comes over right away and starts to take my order.  This is the conversation we had (as best I can remember) along with some thoughts that went through my head:

Me: I’ll have the Crispy Chicken Salad

Cashier: *rattles off some options that I was not expecting* (I hear something about bacon swiss or Jack cheese & jalapeño at the end).

Me: (thoughts: huh, that’s odd, but jalapeños might be interesting) I’ll do the jalapeños.

Cashier: You want that in the combo?

Me: (that’s odd, fries with a salad?) I can do that?

Cashier: Yup

Me: (sure, why the hell not) Let’s do it in the combo then

At this point I pay and go take my seat and fill my cup with Dr Pepper and get some ketchup for my fries that I’m now anticipating.  My order took about 5 minutes and was brought out to me at the table.  It’s stupid thinking back on it, but for a brief moment I thought “a box for fries?  How weird.”    But of course there were no fries.  The cashier had thought from my very first sentence that I wanted a crispy chicken sandwich with a side salad.  I am going to assume this is a reflection on how many salads Carl’s Jr. sells.

Anyway, the side salad was OK, save for the one massive slice of tomato, which wasn’t very ripe or juicy.  The rest seemed cold, fresh and crisp.  As for the sandwich, It was mostly pretty decent.  Actually the chicken itself (not the breading) reminded me of chick fil-a in terms of taste and quality.  The breading was less delicious but satisfactory overall.  The jalapeños was kind of gross though.  They were clearly soaked in a punched-up spicy brine which really made them overly potent.  What’s wrong with regular jalapeños?  They are delicious on their own.  Oh well.  Carl’s Jr was a bit of a bust.  On to the next lunch.

Website: http://www.carlsjr.com


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