#66: Franco’s Cafe

Today I ventured out into a business park to a quiet little cafe.  This is Franco’s, and it is located on Data Drive near White Rock.  Without the umbrellas out front you would most likely miss it.  Franco’s does breakfast and lunch.  Today I arrived at about 11 and stepped inside.  Franco (I assume) was out front having a smoke at the time and he greeted me as I walked past him.  A woman inside also greeted me and took my order as soon as I was ready.

I had looked over a couple of outdated menus posted to the Yelp page for Franco’s and saw that they had several salads including a crispy chicken, which I had planned on getting.  Now inside and looking at the real deal I noticed that they had a couple more, one of which was a Buffalo Chicken Salad (olives, onions, tomato & shredded cheddar cheese)[$6].  I ordered that and got a medium soda [~$1.75] to go with it.  They had a variety of different beverages in a couple different coolers but I just opted for the fountain.

I filled my drink and posted up in the corner near the front door to wait for my food.  Another customer or two came in and ordered while I waited, but it was pretty slow overall.  Franco eventually came back in and prepared my salad, which he had ready in about 7 minutes.  He called it out and I came up to the counter, at which point he asked what kind of dressing I wanted and if it would be for here or to go.  I said blue cheese and for here.  With that he reached down into a cooler to grab a little container of dressing and then put a few napkins with a fork on top of the salad container with it, and I was off.

I took a seat out on the patio, which was nice and quiet with minimal traffic noise from Data Drive, and dug in.  It was especially peaceful with the ridiculous abundance of squirrels running around burying nuts.  I counted six at one point.  As for the salad, I found all the produce to be quite nice and fresh.  The chicken must have come right out of the fryer because it was hot, and it warmed up much of the rest of the salad in the brief time it took me to walk outside and take a few photos of it.  It was super crispy outside and tender on the inside.  The Buffalo sauce was fairly strong and more on the vinegar end of the spectrum as far as Buffalo chicken goes.  If it weren’t for that I think I really would have enjoyed this salad a lot more.  I’m just not crazy about super-vinegary buffalo sauce.  The blue cheese was some of the best blue cheese one can have with this though since it was nice and thick and had little crumbles of actual cheese in it, which helped cut down the sauce a bit.  Overall it was peaceful and fairly enjoyable lunch.  I really dig these little office park cafes.  I wish there was one next to my workplace.

Website: none (unfortunately I forgot to grab a menu to scan as well)


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