#72: Subway

I typed this up once already and WordPress decided to delete it apparently.  I’m far too tired and lazy to type it again.  So here’s a quick recap:

This location is next to Grills & Greens on Sunrise at Sunrise Park Dr.  I have always despised Subway.  The portions on their sandwiches are spectacularly disappointing in every measurable way.  I have found with this visit that salads seem to be their only actual decent item, because there is no bread-to-fillings ratio to screw up.  My salad was chopped chicken, lettuce, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, avocado, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and southwest ranch.  It was pretty damn good and filling as well.  The service was polite.  The place was clean and modern.  The price was OK ($7.99 + $0.75 for avocado).  That is all.

Website: http://www.subway.com/


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