#76: Burger Station (THE END!)

Well, today’s the day.  Last stop, last salad for this blog.  Let’s dive right in.

Burger Station is located on Rockingham Dr near Mather Field Rd.  I think I ate here once a long time ago and didn’t think much of it.  It’s much more than just a burger place.  They have a full-on breakfast menu served from 7-11AM.  Lunch is mostly burgers but they also have a large selection of sandwiches a few hot Asian dishes as well like sesame chicken and beef teriyaki.  I arrived right at about 11AM and the place was pretty quiet with just one customer.  I skimmed the salad side of the menu, which is pretty basic.  They’ve got a green salad, a chicken Caesar, an Oriental and, the one I chose, a Chef’s Salad (egg, ham, turkey, cheese)[$6.25].  I was jonesing for some fries so I got a side of those [$1.75] and finished up with a small soda [$1.50].

I was barely sat down when my salad came out.  It was crazy fast, maybe 2 minutes max.  The fries took another minute or so.  Those were pretty basic but they were hot and had a crisp outside and soft inside.  They were good with ketchup and really hit the spot.  The salad, while huge, was kind of boring.  It was not a great ratio of lettuce to other ingredients, so I felt like I was just eating an entire head of iceberg chopped up.  The ham and turkey cold cuts that were there were rolled up into a few big bites, so it was not easy to ration them throughout the meal.

So Burger Station is pretty much as I remember it, blah.  Unfortunately this blog doesn’t end with a bang, but a “meh.”

Thanks for following along!

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(Scanned) Menu: Click Here


2 thoughts on “#76: Burger Station (THE END!)

  1. I agree – looking forward to your next endeavor!! I am now spoiled by having this AND Eating Through Roseville so I hope you start back up soon! 🙂


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